Managerial Committees

The Group has set up specific managerial committees made up of the Group's top and senior management with the task of assisting the Board of Directors and delegated bodies in definition of guidelines for business activities and implementing the policies established by the Board.
These specifically include the following principal managerial committees.

Management committee

The Management Committee, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and made up of top managers and senior managers in the Group, is entrusted with executing and implementing the strategic policies decided by the Board of Directors.
The Committee discusses and examines the principal issues in operation and business connected with achievement of the Company's strategic goals.

The Risk Management Committee

Chaired by the Group General Counsel, this committee: (i) adopts and promotes a systematic and structured process to identify and measure risks; (ii) review information on both internal and external, existing and potential risks, which the Company is exposed to; (iii) suggests strategies to respond to risks, based on the total measure of exposure to the different risk categories; (iv) suggests the implementation of a risk policy, to ensure that risks are reduced to "acceptable" levels; (v) monitors the implementation of strategies in response to risks and the compliance to the risk policies adopted.

The Sustainability Steering Committee

The Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and has the following tasks: (i) formulating the Group's sustainability plans in view of international policies and principles in this area; (ii) monitoring operative deployment of plans; (iii) preparing the Sustainability Report;(iv) preparing the Company's Equal Opportunities plans.